Innovation for social & sustainable impact

 We move from idea to action

I believe in the power of innovation

to create social impact

  • Graffiti spray paint containing citronella to fight malaria
  • Drones making healthcare deliveries in rural Africa
  • Low carbon bricks making good quality housing affordable for all

I believe in the power of business

as a catalyst for change

  • Connecting new technologies with African entrepreneurs
  • Connecting international businesses with economic opportunities in Africa
  • Finding your matching business partner and building international partnerships.

I offer solutions that fit the context,

concentrating on East Africa, where I

  • rely on more than 20 years of business experience
  • understand local customs and sensibilities.
  • have knowledge of value adding networks.

African footprint

Breaking New Business Ground

Innovation for social & sustainable impact

Breaking New Business Ground is an entrepreneurial consultancy, established by Martine Berger in 2016, focussing on Innovation and New Technology to provide a wide portfolio of new solutions to address changes and challenges in East-Africa.

BNBG connects new technology to African entrepreneurs and finds your matching business partner. I want to make a difference to the projects of my clients by creating sustainable value propositions based on profitable business models and unleash the full potential of social impact by connecting business, nongovernmental- and public organisations in international partnerships.

Breaking New Business Ground aims to contribute to the change towards a sustainable planet & economy with equal opportunities for everyone.

“Like no other Breaking New Business Ground is capable of getting Social Enterprises rolling. Martine combines years of experience as a social entrepreneur in Africa with great insight in the playing field and knowledge of all stakeholders involved in turning an innovation into a success.”

Anneke Sipkens
Anneke SipkensGeneral Manager, DOEN Foundation

“At TNO I’m fully engaged in inclusive innovations in developing countries in order to reach impact at low-income groups. Cooperation with local partners is crucial here, because they are familiar with the local context. We collaborate with Martine Berger for over a year now, on cold fired brick production in Malawi. Her contribution is valuable; she performed a market study, organised a  working visit and she brought us in contact with the right companies. I’m enthusiastic about her added value to set up a new value chain abroad.”

Mathilde Miedema
Mathilde Miedema program manager Innovation for Development, TNO

“Martine is a visionary. She has the ability to think big; she envisions the necessary changes to bring about lasting social and environmental change. Martine is truly passionate about what she does, she is dedicated, result-driven, persistent and an effective trouble shooter. In addition she is just a fun person to be with. I’m delighted to partner with her in Africa.”

Nienke Poortvliet
Nienke PoortvlietOwner Keen Pepper

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