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I see change ahead

Focus on Innovation to provide new solutions to challenges in Malawi

Breaking New Business Ground: your reliable partner in Malawi

Is your innovation a valuable contribution to sustainable development, but can’t you find reliable partners?

Is your organisation working towards a more sustainable Malawi, but aren’t you sure about your next step?

Are you a (social) enterprise with ambition, but is company growth failing?

Are you looking for practical business solutions that seamlessly fit the local context?

I help you move from idea to action.

One of our projects


you have an innovative solution for a global problem

The world is facing new and serious challenges. Climate change poses a significant threat. The global population is growing and food requirements are raising, while the amount of arable land is decreasing due to urbanization.  Developing countries, like Malawi, are the countries most affected. Fortunately innovative companies like you are seeking to contribute actively in resolving these global problems.

The problem is that innovative solutions ask for a local context

Great solutions are not always enough in a high-risk environment. A viable business case does not always work in a different business environment. How do you tailor your idea to local market circumstances? Where do you find reliable partners? Where do you find access to investment capital? Breaking New Business Ground can help you to reach your goals.

Are you looking for a solution that fit the context?

More than 20 years of business experience in Malawi have given me,  Martine Berger,  a good insight in local habits & sensibilities in Malawi. I can will introduce you to a large value adding network. I recognize bottlenecks in different stages of company growth and can help you turning complex issues into practical business solutions. You can reach that next level in your organisation, increase your impact and realize your goals. Together we can innovate Malawi.

inclusive innovation

Do you want your innovation to match the needs of all Malawians? How can the majority of people in Malawi afford your innovative products and services, while many depend on traditional jobs in the informal sector? By implementing your innovation for and by low income groups, Breaking New Business Ground will help you leverage the full potential of your innovation and maximize impact in Malawi.

Is your innovation a valuable contribution to sustainable development?
Together we can innovate Malawi.

What innovators say

“Martine is a visionary. She has the ability to think big; she envisions the necessary changes to bring about lasting social and environmental change. Martine is truly passionate about what she does, she is dedicated, result-driven, persistent and an effective trouble shooter. In addition she is just a fun person to be with. I’m delighted to partner with her in Africa.”

Nienke Poortvliet
Owner Keen Pepper

“ At TNO I’m fully engaged in inclusive innovations in developing countries in order to reach impact at low-income groups. We collaborate with Martine Berger for over a year now, on cold fired brick production in Malawi. Her contribution is valuable; she performed a market study, organised a  working visit and she brought us in contact with the right companies.” I’m enthusiastic about her added value to set up a new value chain abroad. ”

Mathilde Miedema
Programme Manager TNO Innovation for Development

“Like no other Breaking New Business Ground is capable of getting Social Enterprises of the ground. Martine combines years of experience as a social entrepreneur in Africa with great insight in the playing field and she knows all stakeholders involved in turning an innovation into a success.”

Anneke Sipkens
General Manager of DOEN foundation

why Breaking New Business Ground?

reliable business partners

Breaking New Business Ground will connect you to matching business partners in Malawi, while linking new technology to local entrepreneurs.

a realistic and viable business case

Your value proposition, cost structures and risks analysed. You can make the right decisions and proceed with a realistic and viable business case

increased impact and inclusive business

Your innovation will match the needs of all Malawians. Your business will increase the effects of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Participate in an (international) partnership

You will benefit from participation in (international) partnerships, connecting businesses, nongovernmental- and public organisations

Solutions that fit the context

Relying on >20 years of local business experience and understanding local customs & sensibilities, I can help you find solutions that seamlessly fit the context.

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