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Your Innovation provides new solutions to trends, changes and challenges. Breaking New Business Ground finds matching business partners to turn your innovation into a succes. Our actions are always based on a viable businesscase. To reach the full potential of your innovation, BNBG connects business, nongovernmental- and public organisations in strategic partnerships. We offer you:

your innovation as a catalyst for change

  • Graffiti spray paint with citronella to fight malaria
  • Drones making Healthcare deliveries in rural Africa
  • Eco bricks making quality housing affordable for all
  • Innovators turn great ideas into brillant solutions! BNBG focusses on your innovation and turns complex issues into practical business solutions. And the implementation of your innovation is always based on a viable business case

    your business creating social impact

    Entrepreneurs are players by excellence to create social and sustainable impact. Industry has a huge impact on environment, while companies have a large impact on the communities that live nearby. Your business is powerfull in achieving large scale impact. Besides, it is no longer a choice to embed social impact in your business plans. It’s imperative! Your customers ask for it!

    participate in international partnerships

    The process of innovation, especially when socially driven, deals with collective action. To reach the full potential of your innovation, Breaking New Business Ground connects business, knowledge centres, government, grassroots and other non governmental organisations in international partnerships.

    Solutions that fit the context

    Breaking New Business Ground implements your innovation in Malawi, where Martine relies on more than 20 years of business experience, where she understands local customs & sensibilities and has knowledge of value adding networks.

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