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why breaking new business ground?

Your Innovation provides new solutions to changes and challenges in Malawi. Breaking New Business Ground helps you to reach your goals by offering practical business solutions that seamlessly fit the local context. Together we can innovate Malawi.

I offer:

reliable business partners

Your succes in Malawi depends to a large extent on the partners you work with. Breaking New Business Ground will connect you to matching business partners, while linking new technology to local entrepreneurs

a realistic and viable business case

You will have insight in the best solutions. I help you tailor your value proposition to local market circumstances, explore alternatives, analyse cost structures and risks. You can make the right decisions and proceed with a realistic and viable business case.

inclusive business & increased impact

Your innovation will increase the effects of the Sustainable Development Goals. You will create sustainable business that includes low income groups. Your innovation e.g. improving access to energy, quality housing, agriculture, social entrepreneurship or waste management will directly improve lives.

participation in (international) partnerships

Are you a start- or scale-up? Partnerships will  give you easy access to information & technical support and help you to reach economics of scale.
Innovator, do you want your innovation to lead to successful and sustainable change? Collective action from all stakeholders is required.
I will connect you to business, knowledge centers, non governmental- and public organisations to participate in (international) partnerships.

Solutions that fit the context

Breaking New Business Ground works in Malawi, relying on more than 20 years of local business experience and understanding customs & sensibilities. I can introduce you to value adding networks and help you find solutions that seamlessly fit the context.

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